Selected Exhibitions

  1. 2017 Ar2day Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
  2. 2016 Bang & Olufsen, Vienna, Austria
  3. 2015 Giovanni Rossi Fine Art Miami, FL usa
  4. 2014 Avran Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA, USA
  5. 2014 Red Dot Art Fair, Art Basel Week, Miami, FL USA
  6. 2014 Mosan Modern Art Museum, South Korea
  7. 2014 Contemporary Art Fair, Zürich, Switzerland
  8. 2014 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai, China
  9. 2013 Art Basel Week, Spectrum Art Fair, Miami, FL, USA
  10. 2013 Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China
  11. 2013 Emmy’s Award, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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